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but that's it. cloudy skies here. on the weather computer, this is earl. you can see the well-defined -- well, you could have seen the well defined counterclockwise circulation. this is what the gusts were doing. watch it come up shore an see the winds turning to the northeast. hatteras is northwest. the storm is starting to pass. ocean city right now the winds are 11 from the northeast. norfolk 22 gusting to the 30s an wilmington. we have to deal with earl through early amp here across the atlantic beaches and pull up to new england tonight. pax river you have light showers nearby an 79 in wallops island. it is warm down there. a hot day today but not as hot. highs around 90.
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drive home 87. it is 5:01. happy friday. >> wake up, folks. the weekend is upon us. right now we enter a new hour. and no new problems to tell you about. but first take you to 95. this is one tieup we have been keeping an eye on since this morning. it is southbound at the backlick road exit. volume is light. not affecting the flow of traffic. mainly northbound. you are looking at a smooth commute to the mixing bowl. 3 t 5 if you continue to this roadway. tracking taillights from the beltway to shirlington. 68 eastbound. -- 66 eastbound, happy to report the ramp is open. and wrap with a check on the outer loop. all is good from 95 to georgia. back to you. right now hurricane earl is making its way up the east coast and we have a team of reporters covering the storm. our scott broom is in ocean
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city, maryland where the affects of the storm are being felt, but first bruce leshan is kicking off the coverage live in virginia beach. earlier you were seeing more winds and rain. what are you seeing now. >> still fairly light rain. although i'm getting slapped in the face a little bit and the wind is gusting up to maybe, 15 to 17 miles an hour. you can see the beechcrafts around me blowing good. there are all sorts of signs that say earl doesn't swirl here and so far he is well off the coast. i don't know how familiar you are with the geography but the outer banks stick pretty far east in to the ocean and we recede to the west and earl should remain 150 miles off the coast. look at video we shot a few minutes ago. this is the scene along atlantic avenue and the boardwalk in virginia beach.
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you can see the wind is blowing pretty good, but not much more than you would get in a decent regular storm, nonhurricane kind of storm in the summer. there are a lot of storm chases who come out. we saw people on the beach at 4:00 in the morning looking for earl and so far not seeing anything that impressed them too much, but there are thousands and thousands of people who came down here for vacations to relax and they took off and headed home, many of them. the economic impact is significant. actually talked to some folks here at the hotel who had been mandatorily evacuated out of hatteras an the outer banks and they were mad about it but then they thought, well, better safe than sorry. jess? >> that's right. better safe than story. what about people heading to the eastern shore for the labor day weekend? scott broom is live in ocean
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city, maryland with what is going on there. what are you seeing now? >> it is a humid morning and moist and a little tropical. you can see some of the operations on the beach are continuing. that is a tractor that every morning sweeps for small items an trash. they are anticipating this will be a brush with a storm an they are getting ready to reopen the beach. right now the primary affect of earl has been they closed the beaches to swimming yesterday because just beyond the me at the sea wall the surf is rough. the surfers like it. they have been allowed to go out in the surf but folks who are swimming have been kept out of the water yesterday afternoon by life guards an they expect that in ocean city to continue for today until the surf dies down. that's because of the rip currents. the signs are up everywhere. right now, where i am, the sea wall has been closed here. here's the big aluminum gate in
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ocean on the boardwalk. they have closed that and as far as the folks here in ocean city are concerned it is all a drill. they are prepared for the possibility of tropical storm- force winds a heavy rains. they had to be prepared an that's why they closed this sea wall here but so far those conditions have not materialized and as you saw they are preparing for people to come to the beach as soon as the weather clears this afternoon an all the way through the labor day holiday weekend. reporting live on the boardwalk in ocean city, 9 news now. jessica, back to you. >> of course the national weather service is tracking earl's every move. kristin fisher is live from their offices in sterling with more on the role this plays in tracking earl. kristin? >> hey, jessica. good morning, i think we have been hearing so much about the virginia beach an the north carolina areas that are going to be hit really hard by the storm. and we haven't been talking much about what is happening
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right here in the immediate dc area. joining me now to talk a bit about that is meteorologist chris strong with the national weather service. chris, let me start by asking you for people right here, waking up in the dc area, are we going to feel any affects or see any side effects of hurricane earl. >> i think it will vary where you are in the metro east. east may see showers and sprinkles but people further out west will be wondering what's the fuss about because it will probably be mostly sunny most of the day and hot. >> a little rain and that's the most we will feel here. >> that would be the most that dc will see, is maybe a little light rain at times. actually most of the day it will be partly to mostly sunny and a hot day. >> reporter: tell me about the role that you all are playing this morning in terms of tracking hurricane earl. if any role. since this is not a district hit in our area, what are you guys doing? here we cover out to the chesapeake bay and west in to
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west virginia. so for nerve that area, the state and local governments, we have to work with them directly to let them know what the impact will be. what are the chances it could be worse and the weather services to the east are dealing with more significant impacts. >> you can imagine what the place would be like, mao different it would like if hurricane earl were taking a different track and heading closer to our washington, d.c. area. because there would be phones going off the hook. plenty more people in here. this is a good sign for everybody in the dc area. a sign that you know hurricane earl, while we need to watch out for it if you are heading to the beach, but if you are in the dc area looks like we will be just fine. back to you. >> like that news, kristin. you can always down load our free hurricane tracker at just click on weather to get it. four off duty metropolitan
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police officers have some explaining to do following an accident. it happened when their cars collided in the 9500 block of indian head highway in fort washington, maryland. police are investigating the crash. officials tell 9 news now the officers were traveling in separate cars with two in each vehicle. medics took all four to the hospital. at this point there is no word on their condition. it is time for "living $mart" report. wall street waiting on the latest reading on the job market. at 58:30 this -- at 8:30 this morning, the news may not be that good. employers are expected to cut 120,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate forecast arrives rose to 9-point%. the dow is at 10320 after adding 50 points. in the nasdaq up by 23 and the s&p up by ten coming soon to a state park near you, corporate
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logos. our partners at "usa today" report that states are turning to corporations for financial backing as the recession cuts budgets. you may see corporate logos popping up on signs and playgrounds. the time is 5:09. when the news continues the latest on the oil rig explosion in the gulf. this one much closer to shore. and parents can't prevent every accident but there are things you can do to keep your kids a little safer.
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good morning, everybody. we are traveling a 0 westbound past 97 making your way to bowie. look. nothing in the way. it is angie with realtime traffic coming up. in the news now at 5:10, right now a passenger is in federal custody after screeners town something suspicious in a checked bag at miami
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international. the understand den shut down four of the airport's termials, prompting everyone to evacuate. they just reopened a few minutes ago. at this point, officials are not releasing the person's name or what was found in the bag. the coast guard is checking to make sure no oil is spilling out after a drilling platform caught fire in the gulf of mexico. 13 crew members pulled from the water after the fire. the energy platform is north of the ruptured well. fenty an graham were on hand on thursday for aground breaking ceremony. the $28 million renovation is scheduled to be completed by november of 2011. next in the health alert, a few things to consider before allowing kids to ride their bikes to school and howard is keeping an eye on the hurricane. >> watching the wind gusts across virginia and the north
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carolina coast and up in maryland. we will look at that an the holiday weekend forecast and what you can expect from earl when 9 news now returns. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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some sunshine is coming this afternoon as earl pulls away. shenandoah valley not even a factor for you and south and east a little light rain we are talking about as well and of course the beaches will get hit hard. winds gust 40 to 45 an a lot of wave a action and heavy rain along the coast. show you earl on the satellite. color-enhanced the coldest cloud tops there an looks more ragged than yesterday at this time when we had a category four storm with winds of 145. category two storm with winds of 105. sustained winds have dropped an that's a great thing. still, i'm will look at winds in a moment. there are big gusts we are looking at. hurricane warnings are up in southeast massachusetts and also closer to home along the north carolina coast. this is not changed. and from the virginia border northward to long island. these are storm warnings including ocean city, rehoboth,
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bethany, wallops down to southeastern virginia. coastal flood advisory has been cancelled and the water levels haven't come up. isabelle went this way and pushed the storm surge through the bay. this is going to the east. the storm surge is though right of the storm. heavy rains on the backside and you can see there in eastern north carolina getting in to virginia. i want to show you the winds, though. plotted the winds since last night. the bluer the gust are the actual wind speeds. last night at 5:00 the winds were calm at ocean city. as we go through midnight they start to pick up. the northeast and north wind 58 a hatteras. 25 norfolk. at 3:00 this morning they were gusting over a 0 at hatteras. 28 norfolk. an east wind at 11 in ocean city and the winds haven't picked up at ocean city.
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but gusts to 30 in norfolk. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd real quickly before i show you this. we have that rain which has moved in to to southeastern areas of maryland. southern maryland, st. marys city, up to even around the solomons island area seeing showers. newlisten, tappahannock, picks up, richmond to williamsburg. moderate to heavy rain here. in the immediate metro probably not going to see any rain at all. the forecast from the hurricane center, earl is east of north carolina. 5:00 a.m. advisory just came in. moving at 18. it is a pretty gad clip. look at a video from north carolina an you can see the winds and waves coming on shore from this. we saw waves off shore earlier with this storm, 40 to 50 feet.
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looks like really, oh, this worst of the weather is in more, virginia and base of the delmarva beaches. earl is moving up the coast here. here we where are, parallel with our beaches and then quickly pulls away. our weather will bism proving greatly as earl pulls away from us. a quick look at the forecast for today. the wind field is showing the hurricane force winds are just off shore. i can't get through the graphics quickly enough. we will watch the storm and it approaches to martha's vineyard. at the bus stop, we have a good one. cloudy skies, warm, in the 70s in most areas. and then today at a glance, 82 at 9:00 with the clouds. 88 an more in the way of sunshine at noon and partly sunny for the drive home and top off near 90. big changes as we go through the weekend. looking at the seven-day forecast, we will drop to the
5:19 am
upper 70s to near 80 tomorrow an sunday. a little breezy tomorrow, though. sunday looks great. monday, labor day, beautiful and 858 and hot again by tuesday and wednesday. >> here's angie. >> yeah, coming in a little early there. a mild morning this friday so far out on the roadways. one tieup we are keeping an eye on. take you there live an show you t 5 southbound near the backlick road exit. we are losing alet lane because of an accident. hopefully this will be cleared by the 6:00 an hour. the northbound traffic, watching it pick up around the prince william parkway. we will move it back to the maps and look at 301, route 4, branch avenue. it appears everything is incident an accident free. that's the way we like it. 95 an the bw parkway. we will get there. maybe we need to change the battery. we are doing fine out of baltimore making your way down to 495. that's a quick look at traffic
5:20 am
and we will send it back to jess. a tragedy this week. a young girl in fairfax died on monday after she was hit by a car while riding her bike. we know every accident can't be prevented but anita prick man shows what parents -- anita brickman shows what parents can do to keep their kids safe. >> kids are heading back to school, sometimes using bikes and scooters and skateboards for transportation. but these can cause injuries. most of the injuries can be prevented, especially when the proper safety gear is used. >> parents need to make sure their kids are wearing bike helmets every time they ride their bike and they need to fit properly. >> they are crucial. it has been proven over and over again to prevent serious head injuries, concussions,
5:21 am
broken bones and bleeding inside of the head were but when a child is hit bay car it can take the trauma to a different level? when an automobile is involved in an accident involving a child on a bike or scooter or something like that then the forces can be a lot greater and there, in addition to head injury and broken bones we need to worry about injuries to the chest and the stomach as well and internal organs and some of those can be serious and life- threatening. >> reporter: that's why this local doctor, mom and safety advocates says some kids are too young or immature to be riding on their cool own to school. >> kids need to be at least 10 years old and i want to say at least. i have a 10-year-old and he is not ready to be riding on the road without close supervision. so why is the ravens head coach up in this player's face? he made the touchdown.
5:22 am
brett haber explains when we come back.
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for 22 redskins last night's game was their last. they will cut the roster down to 53, which means tonight will be an uneasy night of sleep for three dozen or so guys of the
5:25 am
bubble. the ravens also playing last night their starter sitting as well and you could tell, at least on defense you could tell. to gun son. toe tap on the end zone. ravens 14-0. defense steps up here, though. the pick and 55-yards on the return. he is show boating all the way and look at what he does, he teases the defense with the ball and john harbaugh is livid about that. gets in his face and reads him the riot act. won't be doing that again this season. ravens fall 27-21. college football kicking off last night. nobody to throw to so he runs an beats that guy up right. there and another five yards for the touchdown. south carolina wins 41-13. baseball last night. nats off and o's hosting the red sox. big shift for big poppy, the
5:26 am
scores two runs on the bases loaded single and they beat the o's 6-4. federer rolling along the five-time catch winning against beck of germany. maryland's own tracey capra, just 18 years old beating the 18 seed. she just graduated from laurel springs high school this past may. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great friday, everybody. we are tracking hurricane earl. up next a series of live reports from virginia an the eastern shore on conditions there. plus, see how the boy that smoked up to four packs of cigarettes a day is kicking the habit. we are traveling 580 eastbound at the -- 50  eastbound at the toll plaza. all is good this friday as you venture out to the eastern shore. we will have more traffic an weather together. stay with us.
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. welcome back. thanks for joining us this friday morning. angie will have the traffic in a moment. >> i will. >> yep but first howard has the forecast. >> not a bad forecast in in spite of the fact there is a hurricane 250 miles away from us right now. we are just too far away from it. we are too far west to have much in the way of impact here but some southern suburbs, northern neck, i want to go to live doppler 9000 hd and seeing a little light to moderate rain shower over there. you can see the action in calvert conte an the bay but heaviest stuff is tappahannock an reedville and points south. richmond and williamsburg on i- 64. that's a wet ride this morning.
5:31 am
you can see earl spinning there. not as well defined as yesterday but heavy bands of rain are pounding southeastern virginia, outer banks, eastern north carolina and approaching the delmarva. we are expecting a day of mostly cloudy skies and partly sunny near 90. the wind speed since last night and the gusts in blue. 55 miles an hour at hatteras and as we go through the morning the gusts 20 to 50 there an the latest gust 60 in hatteras. 30 norfolk. off shore of ocean city out of the east at 22. hello, angie. >> hi, everybody. half way through the 5:00 hour and my map is not nearly as busy as howards but that's a good thing. zoom on one problem we have been watching. this is 95 southbound near the backlick road exit. we know drivers are losing the left lane. northbound you are looking at volume picking up around the
5:32 am
prince william parkway. taillights are moving at speed between 50 an the capital peltway. good morning, maryland. on the outer loop you are doing fine. dropping speed between 29 colesville road an georgia avenue. back to jess. hurricane earl is making its way up the east coast and we have a team of reporters covering the storm. scott broom is in ocean city, maryland where affects of the storm are felt but first bruce leshan is live in virginia beach and bruce, you have been seeing crazy wind this morning. >> yeah. we got some wind. hey, jess, how are you at the hierarchy of european know billty? isn't earl just below a king. >> absolutely. >> exactly. >> couple below. >> my perception at this point is earl is not a prince, a duke but a bit of a pauper because
5:33 am
we have not been seeing significant affects don't here at this point. there have been public works crews who have been driving up and down the boardwalk behind me. an they say they are yet to see much of anything. they closed the water and took down metal trash cans and no one is allowed to go swimming. no damage to the crews at this point. no flooding. if i stick up my wind gauge i'm getting gusts, maximum of 18 miles an hour and i have a little glass that i have had out in the open to try to give me some sense of how the rain is coming down. an you can see a little spattering of rain and that's slapping me in the face but not a lot. look at the video we shot around town. there are some
5:34 am
storm chasers out looking for something intense but not a lot of people out. an even the storm chasers are saying earl don't swirl. >> scott broom is in ocean city, maryland with what is going on therement maybe this morning is not the best time to make the trip. >> perhaps not. with the rains on howard's radar moving north toward us not the best time to drive. folks in ocean city have put out the warning. they will be open for business this weekend but don't drive during fairly spence weather. it has not materialized yet the highest gusts here are 20 miles an hour. so largely this has been an exercise in preparedness. we were told by town officials here to expect the affects of earl to start at 3:00 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.
5:35 am
today. so we are not at primetime for earl just yet. i'm on the sea wall, by the boardwalk. the surf is 50-yards out. that's good news because in a bad storm it will come up to the wall. rip currents are the big issue. yesterday the beach was closed to swimming an that will remain the situation today because of the rip currents. while the weather is relatively mild right now the surf is pretty rough. i will climb over the big sea gate here. this is the big aluminum gate on the condition crete sea wall here at the boardwalk in ocean city. those gates have been closed. that only happens three or four times a year. they are prepared for the potential of tropical storm conditions here. so far they aren't materialized but earl has a few more hours before it passes the maryland coast an we are waiting for the storm chasers to come out, as well. looks leak a lot in ocean city, maryland are sleeping in. ocean city will be open for business this an and through
5:36 am
the labor day weekend. town officials say you can rest assured of that. reporting live in ocean city, jessica, back to you. >> thank you, scott. the national weather service is tracking earl's every move. kristin fisher is live from their offices in sterling with more on the role it plays tracking earl. hey there, kristin. >> hey there, jessica. all the meteorologists in this room say they are in consensus that hurricane earl is not going to be an issue here in the immediate dc area, except for a few showers like we are seeing outside. but what i want to know is could it be a factor if you are traveling? so many people are going out of town this labor day weekend, driving to the beach or going to one of the airports to catch a flight somewhere. i'm one of them. to get more on the travel forecast an how hurricane earl might be affecting, that chris strong, thank you for being with us gun. >> absolutely. >> reporter: chris, tell me what you are seeing in terms of
5:37 am
travel delays and possibly how hurricane earl could affect us if we are traveling. >> again, the storm is mainly going to stay off shore. people who are traveling to on north carolina or the coast might see problems we are looking at the faa delay page and none of the major airports havedlies a this moment. the turn will travel up the eastern seaboard off shore. by the time it gets to new york and massachusetts tonight and first part of tomorrow, maybe delays by then but currently we are okay. >> so far so good. you can see right here this faa map. all green dots here. that is a gad sign. all airports are open. no delays. and that's what we want to see heading in though this busy labor day weekend. back to you. >> thank you. you can always down load our free hurricane tracker at just click on weather to get it. time for another "living $mart" report. it is getting more expensive to
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get health care for your family. a new report shows workers are paying a larger portion of their health insurance cost now days the average employee contribution toward premiums for family coverage climbed 14% this year to $4,000. the kaiser family foundation show contributions for single coverage grew by 15%. businesses are shifting more of the burden to employees to help to ride out the economic downturn. it is time for the money saver. if you are planning a vacation but your budget is tight, consider a house swap. for around $100, house swapping internet services will match you with another homeowner in such destinations as france, italy an australia. you can say over $2,000 in hotel fees for a one week exchange. for more money saving advice check out my log the
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financialista phone com, follow me on twitter or be my friend on facebook. we are live from fox hall anconal an it's pretty much nice an quiet out here. not much going on. more news next. stay with
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. in the news now, supporter and opens of a proposed islamic cultural center in downtown manhattan have been asked to not hold rallies on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack. letters were sent to both groups from representatives of the world trade center visitors center an the family ocean and
5:42 am
orcivic groups. 0 organizers say they will be respectful. middle east peace talks appear to be off to a good start as secretary of state hillary clinton moderated a fresh round of discussions between netanyahu and abbas. both hope to strike a deal within a year creating two separate states. engineers moving to remove the cap on a blown out b.p. well that caused the worst spill in history. it is a are prelude -- plans are made for oil collection vessels to be on stand by in case of a problem. still to come when the news continues, remembering the story of the smoking toddler? it appears he's getting help to kick the habit. jessica, watching hurricane earl passing north carolina up to virginia right now. we will teal show you what it's doing on radar. what the winds are doing an how it will affect the labor day
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the falls church farmers mark won an award. it finished fist among virginia familiarers. the 45 vendor market is open every saturday morning in the parking lot of the falls church city hall. you can find more information by checking out a new feature on look for the flu box in the middle of the home page and then click the change button to find news in falls church and 52 other communities in our area. the smoking toddler who made headlines around the world seeps to have kicked the habit. they are keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't light
5:47 am
up fen. this story has captured america's attention. >> because it is so different than what we do here in america and the antismoking campaigns and everything else seems to be a much different attitude over there. >> apparently part of the treatment is they are trying to get him more focused on play time instead of smoking time. keeping the kids entertained is tough sometimes in they had break the nicotine addiction, as well. let's talk about hurricane earl. it lost a little bit overanytime that's a good thing. winds gusting at 80 miles an hour in cape hatteras. but the track nudged a little east. this is a gad thing. get started. it is not as impressive. still have the cold cloud tops. seeing sheer now. the clouds with us this morning from earl. during the amp as earl pulls away we will see more sunshine
5:48 am
but at least we start overcast here in washington. looking at earl on radar. see how clearly defined circulation out here. you can see the heavy bands of rain eastern north carolina coming in to southeastern parts of virginia, as well. on live doppler 9000 hd, i want to zoom in an show you what is going on in the area. here's newland, tappahannock, an this is richmond. heavy rain bands from richmond coming in. some of this is getting closer to southern maryland and in southern maryland. spoke to jan in reedville an she said it has been light rain and you can see the radar echos for lusby and saint leonard, prince frederick and mechanicsville, this is spotty stuff. it is south and west of new land here. approaching richmond where we have moderate rains. swan point, red cross golf tournament this morning may see a sprinkle but later today will be fine. go out and support the red cross. they are doing all right.
5:49 am
back on the weather computer. talk about the winds with the storm. zoomed in to norfolk and virginia beach. the wins yesterday evening weren't bad. that was 5:00. 25-mile an hour gusts in norfolk, 18 just off shore of fenwick island. an this morning we are watching the winds as they turn northeast an north here now picking up. virginia beach 34. norfolk 29. wallops 28. ocean city is waiting for the affects of this. i think it will pick up by 8:00 or 9:00 and probably be the worst there until 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon and then things improve. lacking at earl's track, 105- mile an hour winds moving northeast at 18, away from us an we will watch it push in north and east. 1:00 on friday, look, it is not even to ocean city here and that's why we think you haven't seen the brown of it and will get it through midday.
5:50 am
in the amp as it pulls away an approaching cape cod, martha's vineyard, you are under hurricane warnings there and canada on saturday morning and all sorts of problems in canada as the storm will pick up speed. so nova scotia will get hit hard, as well. the bus stop forecast, cloudy and 82 at 9:00. noontime 88. more sunshine and partly sunny for the drive home. temperature today around 90. that's better than the 95 yesterday. front is coming through tonight. could be a shower. rain chances not that high an we are desperate for rain in spots. i don't have much hope for you. clearing and breezy. west winds 10 to 20 an saturday, preasecy, sunny, cooler day, 70s to near 80. west winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. the seven-day forecast, there you go. you have temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 of the
5:51 am
weekend. on labor day in the mid-80s. looking good for the cookout. tuesday and wednesday in the 90s. another front late wednesday. maybe a storm an back in the 80s on thursday. angie goff is such a happy lady on fridays. >> i love the fridays an the weekends. -- and the weekend. move it outside where newington to backlick, fur traveling 95 northbound you have this to deal with. congestion is building. the delay on the way. going southbound at backlick we are seeing an accident taking away a left lane for drivers. volume is light and slow approaching the scene. 395 northbound, more drivers, we are finding them between duke and seminary. the delay is building. the beltway in virginia moving at speed from the wilson bridge up to 66. and we will end in maryland.
5:52 am
270 watching volume build around germantown road an like that to 370. that's the traffic. back to you. if you are hitting the road this weekend you have plenty of company. 9.9% more of us will head out for one last summer escape according to aaa an that's not the only increase. airlines will cost you 9% more than last year. car rentals are up 8% an the average hotel stay is up, too. there seems to be an a for everything these days and if you are planning a wedding there is an app to make life easier for that bride to be. there's something you never hear vince gray talk about:
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his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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a teacher teaching cuss words has parents irate. it was cuss words an one question, what does this mean. >> the words he was told to define, i wouldn't believe it. >> an 8th grade history assignment. that couldn't be she thought. >> no affiliation of these words in history.
5:56 am
>> i asked how was his day and i said what did you do today an he told me what he did in history class. >> reporter: but the conversation abruptly halted. >> i didn't want to show her because i thought i would get in trouble. he says his teacher wrote these words an even worse ones on the board. >> i was shocked i was like is she really teaching us this. >> reporter: she wanted them to define it. >> me and my son talked about it and said we don't use these words but if you plant a seed in to a kid, if he didn't already know these words now he knows them and that's my concern. >> reporter: she says she and her mother went to the school the following day with angry parents. >> rom of the other parents feel she should be fired. >> reporter: they were told she was placed on administrative leave. that amp they got this letter. >> in an attempt to address the use of inappropriate language in the school.
5:57 am
>> saying it was not sanctioned by the school system but she was basing it off of a website called teaching tolerance. >> i'm sure she could have gotten a different concept on how to teach tolerance. >> a prince georges county school spokesperson telling 9 news now there was a special investigation regarding this matter. they will only reveal that administrative action was taken. flour sifters, panini presses, registering for wedding gifts is part of the planning but now it is easy as whipping out your cell phone. there's an app for that. >> reporter: something old, a wedding registry. something new, using your cell phone to scan items on your wedding issue list. >> instead of thinking of registering at stores, you are registering product. >> reporter: the brain child behind the latest a pp is jimmy gramlynn. >> i wanted to develop an iphone application but i wanted
5:58 am
to create something that had a need and one a fad an obviously marriage is not a fad. it is not going anywhere. >> reporter: the idea is convenient for a busy bride to be. it was designed for women. it is warm and fuzzy and it's a very -- it's simple to use. >> reporter: he says everyone has their cell phone on them and using it streamlines the process. >> pull out your phone and start up the application you hit scan. you pull up an idea. let's see. you hold it over it. automatically recognizes it. there it is. there's the product. >> reporter: the items you scan go to your wedding website, a universal site that combines the wants of the mr. and mrs. in to one space. >> an the crock pot. >> reporter: and it makes shopping for a gift easier on
5:59 am
guests. he says they can buy them on- line or in the store for the happy couple. you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. at the top of the hour we will get the latest on hurricane earl. here's a live look at virginia beach. earl will pass 1 a 0 miles -- 150 miles off shore. power companies there are prepared for outages. further up the coast to ocean city, officials there say you may want to delay the drive to the beach until tomorrow. rescue teams from our area on the way to help with earl's after math. with will check if with our team of the orers in just a moment but first been been is here with the latest on earl's track. >> we are starting to see earl passing cape hatteras an elizabeth city. winds gusting

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